Scheduling Flight Training has always been the most latent bugaboo of learning to fly. There's the student's schedule, the Flight Instructor's schedule, the schedule of the airplane, airplane maintenance, and then there's the weather.


There is little that can be done about the weather except to do all in your power to fly while the weather is good for the weather is sure to go bad. And when it does go bad it's an empty feeling to remember the good weather days that you passed up flying for one reason or another.


The airplane is another matter. The airplane may be being used by many people so you may have to schedule it far in advance. This may take some planning and rearranging of your schedule. Sometimes the airplane will be down for maintenance. This can't be avoided either, but maintenance down time for the airplane is often known well in advance. Keep track of it and again keep this in mind when arraigning your personal schedule.


The Flight Instructor is not always available either. There are many excuses for being late or not being available for a lesson. But there very few legitimate excuses.


The last factor in scheduling is you. Pay particular attention to scheduling your Flight Training. Scheduling is very important and during your flight training it should not be taken lightly. Be as flexible as possible and it may be that to be flexible you may have to place your Flight Training ahead of other things in your schedule that are also very important. But your Flight Training will come to an end. And remember, the fewer your scheduling problems, the easier and faster you will be able to complete your Flight Training.


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