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There are literally thousands of Web Sites that deal with all types of aviation and aviation related subjects. 


AOPA- The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.  An long time association representing general aviation and all its various interests.  A great Web Site.  It has a large Public Section and a more limited Members Only Section.  At $35.00 per year to join the AOPA, its a steal.

EAA- Experimental Aircraft Association. Another grreat association. And an exceptional Web Site.

On Line Magazines

AVWeb- Try this for a comprehensive on line magazine.  A great way to keep up-to-date.

For Student Pilots

4VFR.COM- The definitive study guide for new pilots. Includes practice exam, searchable glossary, etc.

Aviation Ground Schools- Two day Accelerated Private Pilot Ground School.

Dauntless Software Aviation- Shareware and freeware for the download, including FAA Knowledge Test Prep software and other neat stuff. Have a look!

Free Online FAA Test Prep- Study a chapter or take a 60-question test out of the entire bank of FAA questions. Get results with your answer, the correct answer, your score, and a suggested study area. Post your questions in the bulletin board to get some help from our CFIs and fell

Student Pilot Network- Great resource for students to read about other student's experiences and submit their own

Student Pilot- Articles on past experiences, plus training aids to help other pilots

Be A Pilot- This is a Web Site of a collaboration of aviation companies and interests which promote learning to fly.

Pilot Supplies

Jeppesen Pilot Supplies

Sporty's Pilot Shop

ASA-Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.

King Schools Pilot Shop

Other Neat Things

Light Hawk - Want to volunteer?

Check the weather in Alaska - Here's what's coming in aviation weather.


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