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I live in Tallahassee, Florida and I am a Flight Instructor operating out of Tallahassee Regional Airport (TLH) and Quincy Airport (2J9), both in Florida.


In 1964 I began flight training and earned a Private Pilot Certificate in 1965.


In 1968 I attained a Commercial, Multi-Engine and Flight Instructor Certificate at AG Aviation Academy in Reno, Nevada. Later I went to Chicago Midway Airport and added an Instrument Rating at Flight Safety Inc. Some years later I went back to Flight Safety and got an Instrument Instructor Certificate.


I instructed in various aircraft in Ohio in the late 1960's and early 1970's during my law school years. Then I started practicing law and over time my flying started taking second place to other responsibilities.


In 1996 I attended and instructed at the University of Oklahoma in Norman where I brought current all my Flight Instructor Certificates.


Over the years I have flow and instructed in Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Florida.


I have over of 5,700 hrs. of flight time with in excess of 3,700 hrs. of Flight Instruction and I have flown and instructed in over 65 different makes and models of aircraft.


I am an Aviation Safety Counselor (ASC) associated with the Big Bend Aviation Safety Council (BBASC) which is a function of FSDO-35 (Flight Safety District Office) in Tampa, Florida. As a result I attend and I'm often a presenter on various aviation safety issues.


You are welcome at any time to call me on my cell phone at 850-284-9310 or to e-mail me at


Have a great day and !Happy Flying!


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